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DOUBLE WEAR ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation SPF10 No. 3C2B

Estee Lauder

160 SAR

the details

  • A liquid foundation with light water, that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Glides on the skin comfortably to give you a natural, even and healthy look
  • With SPF 30 and antioxidants
  • Resists signs of environmental damage from UV rays and pollution
  • Instantly and continuously hydrates skin with a moisturizing complex containing extracts of red fruits, including watermelon, lychee seed and apple
  • Usage Instructions:
  • 1- Shake well.
  • 2- For best results, do not spill the product.
  • 3- Alternatively, cover the opening with your finger and carefully turn the bottle over.
  • 4- This method will give you a sufficient amount of the product to get a light to medium coverage.
  • 5- Repeat the steps if you want to get more coverage.

160 SAR
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