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Linvol de Cartier Perfume by Cartier for Men, Eau de Parfum, 80ml


273 SAR

Linvol de Cartier perfume for men by Cartier, Eau de Parfum, 80ml

L'Envol de Cartier by Cartier for men Eau de Parfum 80ml


Inspired by ambrosia, the food of the ancient Greek gods, perfumer Mathilde Laurent introduced L'envol de Cartier in 2016. This masculine fragrance offers a complex oriental scent that embodies strength and softness.

Introduction to fragrance:

Iris and violet give it a bold, green accord, while citrusy notes add to the mix adding extra shine.

Heart of the fragrance:

Musk, guaiac wood, and honey establish the duality of this cologne with a balance of airy woody notes and soft sweetness.

Fragrance base:

A base base of patchouli complements the masculine and earthy feel of the scent.

273 SAR
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