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Guerlain Musk Noble Perfume for Unisex, Eau de Parfum 125ml


409.50 SAR

Guerlain Musk Noble perfume for Unisex, Eau de Parfum, 125ml

Musc Noble by Guerlain for unisex Eau de Parfum 120 ml


Musc Noble Perfume by Guerlain Immerse yourself in the exotic world of enchanting scents as you sprinkle on the decadence of Musc Noble, a bewildering fragrance. This alluring perfume blends spicy, floral, woody, and aromatic notes for a very alluring and rounded scent that is bound to appeal to anyone in your immediate vicinity.

Introduction to fragrance:

Pink pepper, saffron and various aldehydes instantly awaken the senses when you open the fragrance.

Heart of the fragrance:

While the middle notes of geranium, musk and rose add an elegant and sensual atmosphere that is very attractive.

Fragrance base:

Finally, base notes of iris, cedar, leather, white amber, labdanum, and white musk complement the composition with an earthy, smoky mist for a totally sensual and sensual fragrance that you can pair perfectly with any late-night ensemble.

This exciting elixir was launched in 2018 after it was formulated by master perfumer Thierry Wasser. It was launched by the prestigious French perfume house Guerlain, which has been working for more than 175 years in the manufacture of exquisite perfumes.

409.50 SAR
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