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SPHAIR Condicionador Bioline Conditioner 300ml

60.24 SAR 65.55 SAR

Bioline conditioner is ideal for those seeking to strengthen and repair the hair fibre. Strong to detangle strands, as well as provide smoothness and shine. Healthy, stronger and nice touch hair.

In addition to providing hydration and emollients, Bioline conditioner seals and seals the hair cuticles that are opened during the shampooing cleansing process. It is also great for use after a therapeutic mask, which increases the effect of the product on the hair.

Within the capillary schedule, Bioline conditioner is part of the rebuilding phase. It's that daily professional care.



For all hair types

- Daily use

- Rebuild the wires

- Comprehensive renovation

Corrective actions

- Helps to loosen the threads

- Provides shine

- smoothness

- Closes and closes the hair cuticle

How to use: Apply to clean, wet hair. Starting at the ends, gently massage the hair and move the strands between your fingers until they are tangled. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it well

SPHAIR Condicionador Bioline Conditioner 300ml

60.24 SAR 65.55 SAR
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