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Dahab Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Dahab Colored Contact Lenses - Sabrin Topaz

90 SAR

Dahab contact lenses with its unique range of charming colors specially designed to enlarge the shape of your eyes with full protection from UV rays. Dahab contact lenses always give top priority not only to contact lenses, but also to the eyes of the wearer. Dahab contact lenses have the best oxygen permeability rate, which makes them comfortable to wear and even fit your eyes perfectly. Our creative range of colors will give you a unique and attractive look.

product specification:

Color Sabrin Topaz

Contains: 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging

Type: 9 months disposable color contact lenses

Base Curve: 8.8

Diameter: 14.8

Material: Polymacon

Hydration: 38%

Manufacturer: Dahab

Made in Korea

90 SAR
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