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Horizon by Davidoff for men, Eau de Toilette for men, 125ml


257.25 SAR

Horizon by Davidoff for men eau de toilette for men 125 ml

Horizon by Davidoff for men Eau de Toilette 125 ml


In February 2016, Davidoff launched her new masculine fragrance, Horizon, which symbolizes the relationship between earth and air and draws inspiration from the forces of nature. The water element that featured the iconic Cool Water has been replaced by the air element in the new version. Horizon represents freedom, adventure and exploration.

"Here he is, off the beaten path. The mountains stretch before him in an endless spectacle that touches the sky. The breeze is strong, perfumed with the scent of rosemary, leather and vetiver. He looks ahead and fixes a point in the distance. Fast and free as an eagle climbs from one rock to another ... Breathing deeply, he stretches out his arms to the wind, and turns his face to the sun. From this quiet stand between earth and sky, a strong sense of freedom grows. It is where he wants to be. Master of all that he sees."

The composition consists of woody, spicy and aromatic notes. It was signed by perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Jacques Huclier.

Introduction to fragrance:

The fresh start combines tart grapefruit and sweet mandarin with aromatic rosemary and fresh ginger.

Heart of the fragrance:

Spicy cedarwood and nutmeg are at the heart of the fragrance, along with patchouli, black sesame seed and South American pepper.

Fragrance base:

Depth and sensuality provide a base made of vetiver and cocoa absolute.

“It is one moment in the story. The story of a man who achieves his goals, reaches his peak, and looks into his prospects.”

The bottle is by Al Noor Design, and has been described as "something one wants to hold in one's hand." Inspired by shapes from nature, stones polished with the sands of time, balanced by curves in clear glass to reveal the fragrance's warm amber color. The distinctive metallic cap features precision mechanisms that protect the atomizer from being propelled while in motion.

257.25 SAR
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