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Roses Active Collagen Wrinkle Filler Night Cream With Active Collagen & Rose Water 30ml

53.90 SAR 58.65 SAR
Anti-Wrinkle Day Jelly Cream - Active Collagen Filler. It is based on 98% natural ingredients. Without silicones or parabens added. A powerful formula with active collagen and a combination of two peptides, with visible efficacy on the signs of aging. Restores the volume and elasticity of the skin and reduces the severity of wrinkles. Active Collagen strengthens the connective tissue, tightens and improves the facial contour resulting in filling in fine lines, reducing heavy wrinkles and visibly lifting the facial contour. Peptides, together with rose water, stimulate the natural reproduction of collagen in the skin, brightening and rejuvenating the complexion. Light jelly formula for fast absorption, without any traces. Suitable for daily use.
53.90 SAR 58.65 SAR
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