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2 in 1 hair and face steamer

301.20 SAR 327.75 SAR

The facial hair steamer makes your skin radiant and more youthful. You can use it at home without going to a hairdresser and paying huge amounts of money.

Works to strengthen hair, lighten pores, remove dust and dirt, refresh and rejuvenate the skin's vitality

Useful for patients with respiratory system, asthma, chest, thyroid, bronchial tubes, colds and colds

Any scent, oils, herbs or fix can be added to it - it purifies and cleans the skin

Easy to carry and use, suitable for travel due to its small size and light weight


Steam works on deep cleaning of the skin - you can remove heads and black dots from the face

The possibility of making a scrub for the skin to remove dead cells and making a mask with your favorite creams

301.20 SAR 327.75 SAR
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