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Gucci Made to Measure Perfume by Gucci for Men, Eau de Toilette, 90 ml


246.75 SAR

We indulge in the refined and elegant scent of the mysterious men's fragrance. This bold fragrance blends spicy, floral and aromatic notes for a complex and powerful scent.

Introduction to fragrance:

Of sparkling Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian neroli, star anise and comforting lavender, the scent opens with a balanced blend of intensity and subtlety.

Heart of the fragrance:

From juniper berries, dark plum, water lily, lustrous cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fragrance base:

Golden amber, labdanum, patchouli and leather give the scent a masculine, sexy and totally alluring element.

This fragrance was released in the fall of 2013.

246.75 SAR
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