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34 SAR

basic features

• Nourishes the hair and scalp and prevents premature graying of hair


About the product: HairGrow Minoxidil 5% Hairgrow directly stimulates cells in hair follicles and hair growth and ends with an effective hair loss treatment. Demonstrate remarkable safety management. The low incidence of adverse reactions and their benign nature aid in the long-term management, which are absolutely essential in the treatment of alopecia. The active ingredients are 5% minoxidil solution in 60% Alc*Hall, propylene glycol and water. It is effective in strengthening and maintaining hair transplantation. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to minoxidil. Secondary reactions: rash, erythema, burning, dry skin. Efficacy: visible effect requires daily intake for four months. The maximum effect (in general, a doubling of the effect of 4-6 months of treatment) is achieved from 8 to 12 months of treatment. Maintaining this effect requires continued administration of maintenance doses. About the brand: Dar Al Dawa Development and Investment is a pharmaceutical company. Offers products in the therapeutic areas of infectious, cardiovascular, diabetes, dermatology, eye and ear preparations, gastroenterology and metabolism, urogenital and S*x hormones, musculoskeletal, nervous, ophthalmological/otological, and respiratory In addition to vitamins. How to use: Dosage and method of use: Apply hair growth to a dry scalp, the recommended dose is 1 ml (8-s puff) twice daily, applied to the affected areas.

34 SAR
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