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Elegance Sadapack Hair Pomade Wax Gel PINK . Elegance Sadapack Hair Pomade Wax Gel PINK

18 SAR

the description

It gives hair long-lasting shine without stickiness and residue with the ability to reshape and style all day long. With a refreshing fragrance, Elegance pomade/wax allows you to vary the effect by changing the amount you use and whether you use it on wet or dry hair. Wet hair gives less hold with more shine and dry hair gives more hold and less shine. Elegance Pomade is ideal for all hair types including naturally dry hair. Strength rating: Strong adherence benefits are easy to apply and distribute. Long lasting shine. Dry lightly and clean. Excellent quality and flake free. Refreshing fragrance. Long lasting. It allows you to shape any pattern you want. It washes easily with water. Usage: Dose the required amount according to the length and condition of the hair on the palm of the hand. Use your fingers to work nicely into the hair to create the desired style. Fits your daily use.

And the details

Shaping/Shaping, Anti-Frizz, Curl Enhancement, Edge Control, Root Lift, Sculpt, Texture

Hair, beard, mustache

Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Cruelty Free / Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Quick Dry, Sulfate Free

18 SAR
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