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420 SAR

Eliminates dry hair through intense hydration

• It is characterized by an effective formula that perfectly nourishes the hair and gives a silky look

• Restores hair elasticity and gives it a healthy shine

• Gives your hair extra care during the straightening process


With concentrated hydration, protective and restorative action, this product provides more elasticity to damaged hair and gives it a healthy look. Formulated with Macadamia Oil and D-Panthenol, they both revitalize hair, improve its elasticity and elasticity, and provide natural softness and shine. How to use: On clean, dry hair, apply Therapy Liss No Frizz 4x1 to cover small sections of hair one by one, then use a thin comb to evenly distribute the product (apply about 03g per strand) Leave it on for 30-40 minutes for all hair types. Wash the hair a little to remove excess product (about 30% of it). Dry the hair completely with the help of a hair dryer. Use a flat iron on the delicate parts of the hair at a temperature of 200-230°C for 8 to 10 times. Rinse and finish as desired. Strand Test: Strand test is essential for any application or re-application. Choose a small section of hair on the top of the head, made up of fragile strands, and one on the nape of the neck, with looser strands. Follow the procedure step by step to the end. If the hair looks brittle or shows any negative reaction, this means that their condition is not suitable for applying the product. In this case, it is advisable to treat the hair until the new strand test shows that the hair is sufficiently elastic.

Features & details

  • Manufacturer Number : 7898593280557
  • Type : Hair Care Set

420 SAR
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