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Dunhill Desire Perfume by Dunhill for Men, Eau de Toilette 100ml


168 SAR

Dunhill Desire Perfume by Dunhill for Men Eau de Toilette 100ml

Dunhil Desire by Dunhil for men Eau de Toilette 100 ml


Desire Cologne Perfume by Alfred Dunhill Introduced in the year 2000, Desire for men is a masculine, confident scent of the new millennium.

Introduction to fragrance:

The notes of bergamot, lemon, orange blossom and crisp apple are firm and fresh with a slightly astringent note.

Heart of the fragrance:

Patchouli is the dominant heart note, with the imaginative scent of teakwood and lemon rose, balancing its exotic, earthy depth.

Fragrance base:

Vanilla and musk accentuate teak wood and intertwine together for a warm, rich fragrance that imparts a sense of mystery as it lingers on the leather.

168 SAR
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