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26 SAR

Bourjois Air Matte Foundation

Gives your skin a smooth feel

Gentle and radiant without shine

And flawless skin

It lasts a whole day.

• The lightweight, non-drying formula allows skin to breathe all day long

• Provides a thick layer of coverage for a perfect finish

• Blends easily to remove shine without a mask effect for a natural look


Abracadamat With its amazing formula as light as air, Air Mat Foundation is enhanced with micro-powders for a flawless, matte-perfect complexion that lasts up to 24 hours...without the annoying mask effect! When you want a smooth, matte finish that looks completely natural and lets skin breathe, make Bourjois Air Mat Foundation the start of your daily beauty routine. Starting at the center of your face, blend the formula outward and upward for a flawless finish. Apply then forget for up to 24 hours for perfect coverage and an undetectable matte finish, the magical and delicious Air Matte Foundation has a place in your makeup kit. Are you ready to play with makeup? In Paris, beauty is a game, not a chore. Bourjois makes it easy to create elegant looks for eyes, lips, face and nails, all with an effortless Parisian touch. Say good morning to beauty with "Joy of Life"!

26 SAR
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