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Rausch hair tonic with Swiss herbs

135 SAR

Tonic Rauch

  • A product designed to treat scalp and hair problems
  • herbal remedy & tonic
  • Selected from natural herbs
  • Contains camel's tongue and rat's eye
  • The bark of the oak tree, the tobacco and the weeda plant
  • Natural plants help revitalize the scalp
  • Prevents hair loss and increases hair density
  • It acts as an anti-dandruff and reduces itchy scalp

• Revitalizes the scalp and strengthens hair


Revitalizes the scalp and strengthens the hair. Refreshes, prevents the formation of dandruff and relieves itching. Your hair is easier to manage, has more body, looks healthy and is cared for. With Natural Nettle, Banana, Swiss Chamomile, Oak Bark, Tobacco and House Eating. No silicone. Paraben free.

135 SAR
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