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FOGAZZA COSMETICS DR HTERAPY Silk Protien And Collagen Treatment

425 SAR

The protein developed for the treatment and straightening of hair is made of seaweed .

Fortified with collagen, macadamia seed oil and vegetable proteins

Gives your hair hydration and restores vitality and shine to give you healthy and soft hair * Formalin free * Safe for pregnant women and children

The treatment, 100% aldehyde-free (formaldehyde, glutarol) brush with anti-frizz action, used for volume reduction, shielding and straightening hair.

Its formula is enriched with an amino acid blend - a high-tech intensive repair designed to restore lost amino acids and nutrients through the use of chemical or natural wear processes, restoring the hair fibre.

It is an enzymatic product because it contains in its composition a pineapple enzyme, called Bromelina, which acts directly in the cortex of the hair fiber providing organic and safe straightening.

How to use:

Wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo two or three times until your hair is clean.

- Rinse well. Pay close attention to the neck and the areas behind the ears.

-Using a hair dryer dries hair from 85% to 100% by brushing the hair to help straighten the fibres.

Divide the hair into 4 equal parts. Put the medicated treatment dr into a non-metallic container. Using a coloring brush, spreading just enough to wet the hair, wick hair (thin layers), starting from the back of the neck and going to the top of the head.

50 to 60ml of product is enough to hold

• Use a thin comb to help spread the product and remove excess.

• Apply the product longitudinally 1 cm from the scalp.

- After you have finished applying the product to the entire head, wait approximately from 50 minutes to 60 minutes for better absorption.

Very important: the waiting time depends on the type and condition of the hair (see the table of recommendations in the procedure video, click here).

Divide the hair into 4 parts again and use the dryer in the cool air position, drying the hair starting at the top of the head. Brush hair keeping it straight.

After drying the hair, begin the straightening process using a small, preferably good quality (titanium) iron pad at 400°F/205°C (wick to wick), and thin hair layers 15 to 20 times per wick.

• After completing this process, wait 10 minutes for the hair to cool.

Rinse hair well with water at room temperature.

- Apply Dr. Therapy Nutrition Mask by massaging the hair for 5 minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

-Wash your hair with Dr. Nutrition Therapy shampoo.

Rinse hair with water at room temperature. Dry the hair with a towel to remove the excess water and then dry the hair to finish the process.

The product is licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority

Silk Protien And Collagen Treatment 1kg

425 SAR
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