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Karl Lagerfeld Perfume by Karl Lagerfeld for Men, Eau de Toilette 50ml

Karl Lagerfeld

204.75 SAR

Karl Lagerfeld Perfume by Karl Lagerfeld for Men Eau de Toilette 50 ml

Karl Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld for men Eau de Toilette 50 ml


First released in 2014, it is a balanced composition that fuses complementary aromatic notes of fruity, powdery and woody to produce a classic, fresh masculine fragrance with a modern twist.

Introduction to fragrance:

A refined, clean blend of fern and lavender mixed with sweet and bitter mandarin peel.

Heart of the fragrance:

Spicy, aromatic undertones of green apple and crisp powdery violet leaf deepen and enhance floral and citrus notes

Fragrance base:

Amber and soft sandalwood solidify and intensify the overall effect, resulting in a sensual and masculine finish.

204.75 SAR
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