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Burberry Burberry Body for Women Eau de Perfume . 85ml Burberry Body for Women Eau de Perfume

170 SAR


Body Perfume by Burberry is a charming fragrance for women. You can buy Burberry perfume from Body by Burberry Eau de Parfum exudes the pure femininity and elegance of a woman. It bursts with an alluring scent that never fails to grab attention. The EDP starts with distinct notes of wormwood, peach, and freesia that are added to the piercings to make it last longer while being comfortable on his nose. The heart contains notes of iris, sandalwood and rose, which make the EDP fragrance acquire a woody aroma. All these notes blend well with the base notes of cashmere wood, vanilla, amber and musk, making this EDP fragrance delicate and alluring. Body by Burberry Eau de Parfum is available in an 85ml bottle by eminent perfumer Michel Almairac in 2011. Top Notes Body by Burberry EDP has rich top notes of wormwood, peach and freesia. These notes combine to give EDP a strong and subtle start on the nose so that your presence feels happy and welcomed. The middle notes at the heart of this Burberry Eau de Parfum body are a blend of iris, sandalwood, and rose. These accords allow EDP to have its signature scent that stays with you from bottom to dusk. Base Notes Burberry perfume is set on a base of cashmere wood, vanilla, amber, and musk accords. These elements leave a pleasant aftertaste of the EDP and keep you cheerful all day long.

170 SAR
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