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Montale Roses Musk Hair Mist for Women 100 ml


395 SAR

Montale Hair Perfume - Roses Musk Hair Perfume by Montale for Women 100 ml

Roses Musk Hair Mist by Montale for women 100ml

Montale Roses Musk Perfume for Hair:

Montale Rose Musk Perfume for hair with the beautiful, bright and feminine scent of Rose Musk.

It will leave your hair with a very beautiful aromatic scent.

Natural and gentle to use on hair.

Features a fine mist technology that spreads evenly throughout and coats your hair

It also brings a natural shine to your hair

Gives you a strong hold and makes your hair soft and smooth

The fibrous texture makes it easy to get the look you want

A light and refreshing mist that envelops hair in an elegant scent

Luxurious and sensual, Rose Musk Hair Mist soothes hair with a silky, lustrous coating and leaves an intensely scented scent.

The purest rose is delicately harmonized with precious musk, with a touch of amber and jasmine, for an elegant shimmering spread.

Gentle to use on hair and adds a lasting fresh scent.

395 SAR
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