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Escada Marine Grove Perfume by Escada for Women, Eau de Toilette 100ml


241.50 SAR

Escada Marine Grove perfume for women by Escada for women, eau de toilette, 100 ml

Escada Marine Groove by Escada for women Eau de Toilette 100ml

Escada Marine Groove by Escada was introduced in 2009 as a limited edition version. Fruity and sweet without feeling nauseous, this fragrance is a refreshing tropical treat for your skin and nose. This fragrance works best during the carefree summer days when time is on your side and your worries are behind you.

Introduction to fragrance:

It begins with a passion for fruit and flowers that is loud and lasting.

Heart of the fragrance:

The floral blend of peony and jasmine adds lightness to the experience.

Fragrance base:

dark musk

241.50 SAR
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