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BTU COMMERCE Maracuja Multi Therapy 1000 ml protein

260 SAR

Maracuja Multi Therapy Protein: (1) Its high safety degree as it is free of carcinogenic formalin, and free of ammonia or any other harmful chemicals, thus making sure that any harmless fumes and cocktail drinks are released during application and that its role is harmful to the eyes, respiratory system and your papril. 2- Suitable for all types.

Maracuja Multi Therapy Hair Protein

Give your hair a silky smooth feel with Maracuja Multi Therapy Hair Protein. It's designed to repair and rejuvenate your damaged strands, giving them a healthy glow. It also prevents hair follicles from damage and graying. This formula is sure to make your hair thicker and fuller. Suitable for all hair types.

Restores the structure of your hair

Long exposure to sunlight, hot tools, poor diet, and chemotherapy can all affect your hair. They can strip hair of its natural moisture and dry it out. The Maracuja Hair Therapy Treatment is ideal for enhancing shine and overall hair management.

Safe formulation

Maracuja Hair Protein is completely free of ammonia, formalin, or any other harmful chemicals. It does not emit any burning fumes during application, ensuring the safety of your eyes and not feeling any discomfort

260 SAR
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