A market specialized in selling perfumes, cosmetics, skin care, hair and women's bags for 12 years, with original products from its source, thanks to God.


240 SAR

basic features

• Aliage fragrance was launched in 2015

• Simply wear this attractive fragrance with confidence and strength

• It is ideal for those who set their goals in mind

• Provides a pleasant and captivating fragrance with a long-lasting charm

• Adds the perfect finishing touch to your daily grooming routine

• Enjoy comfort and freshness at all times with this perfume

• The perfect choice for any woman who wants to complement her elegant look with a touch of simple sophistication


The Estée Lauder Companies was founded in 1946 by Joseph and The Estée Lauder. Ms. Lauder gained prior experience in the cosmetics and skin care industry under the supervision of her uncle, a chemist and skin care specialist. The company adopted the principle that every woman can be beautiful and focused primarily on skincare and originally launched its products through door-to-door sales. The company opened its first store in Saks on Fifth Avenue just two years later. In 1953, the company introduced its first fragrance, Youth Dew, in the form of a bath oil that was later used as a perfume. Youth Dew continues to be one of the company's best-selling products worldwide. In 1964, Aramis was launched. To produce leading perfumes and men's care products. Over the years, The Estée Lauder Companies have expanded their offering through launch, acquisition or licensing agreements for several perfume and cosmetics companies, with more than 25 companies in its group today, including Clinique, Origins, Tom Ford, MAC and Jo Malone. Ms. Lauder passed away in 2004, but management of the company remains in the family today with sons Leonard and Ronald holding key leadership positions, grandson William as CEO, granddaughter Erin as Vice President of the Estée Lauder Brand and Creative Director and granddaughter Jane as President and Global Director of two of the company's Origins brands. and Ogon. The Estee Lauder perfume base contains 126 fragrances. Estee Lauder is an ancient perfume house. The first edition was created in 1953 and the latest was in 2021. Estée Lauder perfumes were created in collaboration with perfumers Bernard Chant, Josephine Catapano, Betty Bosse, Jean Quirlio, Nicolas Calderon, Pierre Warne, Sophia Grojman, Francis Camille, Max Gaffari, Anne Flipo, Laurent Lee Guernick, Calis Becker-Rodrigo Floris Rox, Harry Fremont, Evelyn Lauder, Alberto Morillas, Yves Cassar, Louis Evans, Eleanor Massenet, Annie Buzantian, Carlos Benaim, Jean-Claude Delville, Maurice Roussel, Vincent Marcelo, Jean-Marc Chaillan, Sophie Labe and Christophe Laudamel.

240 SAR
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