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Soft Power Curly Hair Styler & Curler

169.10 SAR 184 SAR

• The curling iron will make curly hair look shiny and smooth with no frizz

• Features acoustic indicators that indicate the waveform

• Durable handle provides a firm grip for optimum control

Soft Power Curly Hair Styler and Curler

This product is safe and easy to operate with advanced heating device in few seconds to use the desired temperature.

Power: After power on, the red light on the right side of the power button starts flashing until the proper temperature is reached. Auto power off after 72 minutes

Power switch and temperature settings:

O - turn off the power

| Fine, dyed hair at 190°C.

common weight for

||| - 230 degrees Celsius bristly curly hair.

the time:

0 - no sound, only after heating the hair for 15 seconds.

8 - 8 seconds, for treble degree soft waves, finally reached the fourth degree to complete the process.

10 -10 seconds, for fine curls (soft volume), with 4 beeps to complete the process.

12 -12 seconds, for defined waves, with 5 beeps and lasts for 4 times, the longer the application, the thicker the hair.

Rotation direction setting:

R - Right side of the hair When the hair is inside the R coil, its density increases.

L - the left side of the hair When the hair is inside the L coil, its density increases

(To swap words, just place on the condensing side the L-Left coil or turn to the R-Right coil

A- Automatic operation, there is a lock to control it with the right hand, this is the ideal way to increase hair density


The hair should be combed and dried first and do not pick up a strand of hair more than 3 cm thick

Pull the ponytail straight into the V-shaped recess

You can make curls wherever you want

169.10 SAR 184 SAR
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