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red cherry false eyelashes 415 red cherry eye lashes

11 SAR

Equipped with a strong adhesive that keeps eyelashes in place without shedding

• Extends the length of your eyelashes for a high-impact look

• Crafted to feel light on the lid

  • Red Cherry (Natural) is a thick and long black false eyelashes
  • Soft false eyelashes feature a graduated length for a great open eye effect
  • Criss-cross eyelashes evolve from your natural lashes with an intense outer shine
  • Red Cherry eyelashes are ideal for all eyelashes, especially round eyes
  • How to use:
  • Gently remove the eyelashes from the frame
  • Trim the eyelashes in width or length to suit your personal face
  • Use a little lash glue on the lash line and wait up to 30 seconds for it to stick tightly
  • Gently apply the lashes to the natural lash line from the top, starting from the inner corner of the eye
  • Gently press the entire eyelashes

11 SAR
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