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Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Deepener - Tinted 200ml

160 SAR

the description

A light-toned, tanning body gel formulated with an RPF complex to neutralize free radicals that provides instant luminosity to skin in seconds Infused with emollients to protect skin from dryness and flaking. It achieves a soft and long-lasting tan that can be applied over a medium protection product for a cosmetic effect

• Ideal for skin that rarely gets sunburned, always tans or is accustomed to exposure to the sun.

• The formula contains the latest version of the Tan Activating Complex (TAC)


Lancaster knows that a beautiful tan is the result of high-quality protection. It is a new generation formula that combines optimal UVA/UVB protection with new infrared technology, to further protect the beauty of the skin from sun damage. This tinted body gel provides an instant glow to the skin while allowing you to achieve a faster, deeper and flawless tan.

160 SAR
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