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Kenzo Amour Floral Perfume by Kenzo for Women, Eau de Toilette, 85 ml


283.50 SAR

Kenzo Amour Floral by Kenzo for Women Eau de Toilette 85 ml

Kenzo Amour Florale by Kenzo for women Eau de Toilette 85ml


Kenzo Amour Florale, which hit the market in 2009, is a primrose of fresh and romantic fragrance. Supposed to be worn during the day when the flowers awaken from their long winter hibernation, this fragrance sets the right tone for any adventure.

Introduction to fragrance:

The top notes are a sweet blend of neroli, cardamom, grapefruit and black currant.

Heart of the fragrance:

The heart of the fragrance evokes a garden of gardenia, frangipani, and rose.

Fragrance base:

Base notes are musk and Virginia cedar.

Daphne Boggi gave her design expertise to the creation of this fragrance.

283.50 SAR
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