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CLINIQUE Clarifying Lotion 1 200ml - CLINIQUE clarifying lotion 1


101.65 SAR

Step 1 of the 3-step skincare regimen

Dermatologist-developed liquid exfoliating lotion paves the way for smoother, brighter skin

what's he doing:

The gentle and refreshing formula is what makes the difference to healthy skin. Removes pollution, dirt and dulling flakes to reveal smoother, clearer skin

Prepares skin for hydration - exfoliated skin is more receptive to hydration and treatment products

For oily skin, exfoliating twice daily helps reduce excess sebum and keep pores clean

For drier skin, exfoliating twice daily helps remove superficial scales that can be a barrier to moisture absorption.

It even helps with the disappearance of dry fine lines

Available in 5 skin type formulas:

• Dry and Sensitive Skin: Purifying Lotion 1

Very dry skin: Purifying Lotion 1

• Dry formula: Purifying Lotion 2

• Mixed oils: Purifying Lotion 3

• Very Oily: Purifying Lotion 4


• Allergy test

• 100% fragrance free

• Development of a dermatologist

• Oil Free

Secrets in the System The revolutionary 3-step skincare regimen was created by a renowned dermatologist

It's simple, customized and only takes three minutes twice a day:

Clean with facial soap, exfoliate with purifying lotion, moisturize with dramatically different moisturizing lotion or oil-free gel

There's a Clinique skincare routine that's right for you. You can find it now at Diagnostics Skin Care.

Our clean philosophy at Clinique - simple. Safe and effective

101.65 SAR
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