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R BEAUTY Professional Wax Heater for Hair Removal

28 SAR

Usage: 1. Before use, make sure the leather is completely clean. 2- Insert the wax into the device. 3. Connect the waxing device to the main device, connect the main power, then turn on the power. 4. Heat the wax for about 20-30 minutes. Then start using. 5. Move the device to the direction of hair growth and cover an area of 15-18 cm 2. Make sure the waxing temperature is appropriate. If the wax is too hot, wait for a while and then start the process. Or put the wax on the hair removal paper to use. 6. Use the paper tape on the treatment area. Use hands to apply pressure in the direction of hair growth. 7. Cut the hair removal paper to the reverse direction to clean it. 8. After hair removal, use hair removal cleanser to clean. 9. After cleaning, use an unscented moisturizer to massage in. Product Name: Wox Warmer Color: Pink Material: ABS Package Contents: 1 * Wax Warmer 1 * Charging Cable 1 * Instructions Note: Unplug the power before cleaning. Do not use on sensitive or other problem skin. Do not be exposed to sunlight and UV rays 24 hours after the waxing treatment. Please use a soft cloth dampened in detergent to clean the remaining wax on the device. Do not soak in water

Features and details

  • Safe and Painless Hair Removal The wax heating machine helps to quickly remove hair from your body, arms, fingers, armpits, legs and more.
  • The wax warmer has a transparent tank and the wax inside can be seen.
  • It features automatic heating, flexibility and easy to carry and use for hair removal.
  • For hair care, facial care and maintenance, suitable for home or beauty salon use.
  • Wax heating machine only, excluding wax cartridge

28 SAR
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