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bioderma Sensibio Gel

68 SAR


• The product helps maintain the essential functions that promote youthful skin

• A cream that provides a distinctive cleansing action with extra soothing

• Ingredients that enhance the ability of the skin to ensure that it is not exposed to any defect

• Removes make-up and all impurities

• A fragrance and soap free product


Bioderma Sensibio Gentle Foaming Cleanser is indicated for gently cleansing sensitive and intolerant skin. This gentle foaming gel is suitable for the eyes and face and removes makeup and impurities without damaging the skin. This product can be used daily, as it has soothing properties and reinforces the skin barrier while boosting the tolerance threshold to help maintain the integrity of sensitive skin. Skin feels completely refreshed, hydrated, clean and calm. Bioderma Sensibio mild cleansing foaming gel has the following characteristics. The soothing properties of special ingredients that ensure that sensitive skin is not overactive after being cleansed of ingredients that reinforce the skin barrier to ensure the skin is not damaged, removes makeup and all impurities suitable for the eyes and face area and coats with micellar water to ensure clean, soap-free fragrances free of allergens.

68 SAR
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