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KREM CAP Body and Face Scrubbing Cream 500ml

33.82 SAR 36.80 SAR

From the manufacturer

Minimize the discoloration of your skin due to external factors by applying the CREAM CAP peeling cream. It reaches deep into the skin cells and provides nourishment. Moreover, the Cream Cap Facial Cleansing Cream is smoothly applied to the skin to provide perfect coverage. KREM CAP Cream moisturizes your skin and provides it with hydration. This hydration fights dryness and rejuvenates your skin. Allows you to have radiant and healthy skin in no time

KREM CAP Body and Face Scrubbing and Exfoliating Cream, 500 ml, 6102540

Keeps your skin clean

This KREM CAP cream exfoliates your skin cells and hides pores, acne marks, fine lines, brown spots and other blemishes. Moreover, it is a perfect addition to your skincare essentials.

Safe and secure use

KREM CAP Facial Cleansing Cream is made with skin-friendly ingredients and is suitable for all skin types for safe and secure use. Moreover, it rejuvenates your skin and provides a natural and vibrant glow all day long

33.82 SAR 36.80 SAR
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