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Nuit Nour Perfume by Elie Saab for Women, Eau de Parfum 90 ml

Elie Saab

582.75 SAR

Nuit Nour perfume by Elie Saab for women, Eau de Parfum, 90 ml

Nuit Noor by Elie Saab for women Eau de Parfum 90ml


Nuwait Nour is the scent of contrasts, between night and light - light in Arabic - strength and excitement, daring and luxury. A resplendent flower embraces the night in a shimmering halo of city lights. To express the contrast that gives Nuit Noor its name, Francis Kurkdjian revisits an iconic oriental harmony between roses and woods, creating complementary notes that embody light and night. In Nuit Noor, the light is embodied by a soft honey scent, where a soft, delicate rose blooms with a scent that delights the senses... To heighten its aroma, the master perfumer blends it with the essence of specially filtered ylang-ylang from Madagascar, where its narcotic scent envelops the fragrance with an aura whose scent spreads throughout A place like sunshine. To embody the night, Francis Kurkdjian blends a sharp, harmonious blend of spicy woody notes that permeate the composition. Hot black pepper brings vitality and freshness to the sensual aspects of rose and ylang-ylang.

582.75 SAR
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