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Jardin Oleane Bitter Almond Oil For Hair . Jardin Oleane Bitter Almond Oil For Hair

50 SAR

Garden Olean Sweet Almond Hair Oil 50 ml:

  • Helps repair dry, frizzy and brittle hair
  • Leaves hair soft, silky and smooth
  • Promotes hair growth

Sweet Almond Oil is an effective moisturizer for all skin types and protects it from dryness

Helps reduce and prevent skin extensions and strengthens hair and prevents its breakage

There are many benefits of almond oil such as:

  • Health benefits of sweet almond oil for the body:

Heart disease prevention

regulating blood pressure

Boost immune system health

memory booster

strengthening nails

  • Benefits of sweet almond oil for the skin:

skin whitening

Get rid of dark circles

Get rid of facial cracks and wrinkles

Skin cleaning and exfoliation

Treating some skin diseases

50 SAR
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