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Rebune Ceramic Hair Straightener RE-2077 Black 150gm Rebune Ceramic Hair Straightener 150g

58.13 SAR 63.25 SAR


Product Description

The REBUNE RE-2077 Beyond Imagination Hair Straightener is a stylish and easy-to-use tool that aims to keep your hair tidy on a daily basis.

The set contains:

REBUNE RE-2077 Beyond Imagination Hair Straightener, Black

Features and details

Stylish hair straightener.

easy to use.

A tool that aims to keep your hair in order on a daily basis


• Glides through your hair at the perfect temperature and reduces friction

• Ensures adding volume and texture while minimizing damage

• 360-degree swivel power cord ensures optimum mobility during use

• Precisely contoured handles provide a comfortable grip

• Designed to gently style hair without drying or frizzing it

58.13 SAR 63.25 SAR
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