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Glupa Skin Whitening Soap With Glutathione And Papaya Extracts 135gm Glupa Skin Whitening Soap

28.53 SAR 31.05 SAR

from the manufacturer

Make your skin glowing with Globa skin whitening soap. This Globa soap includes a smooth blend of papaya extracts and glutathione, providing an antioxidant treatment to the skin. This powerful combination improves your complexion and whitens your skin tone like never before. Moreover, the professional formula of this soap produces anti-aging results that leave you looking and feeling great. Also, regular use of this soap provides sunscreen effects that keep your skin young, soft, smooth and beautiful

superior combination

Globa soap is the result of an excellent formula and skill that delivers the desired results. With extracts of papaya and glutathione, this soap detoxifies your skin and makes it healthy. The composition of the soap also supports rapid whitening of the skin.

Powerful combination

Globa Skin Whitening Soap blend is trusted for fast and consistent results when it comes to making your skin look young and amazing. The sunscreen-like properties of this soap make the skin soft and smooth and maintain the glow despite exposure to the sun.

28.53 SAR 31.05 SAR
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