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Avalon Pharma Alpha Plus Cream

50 SAR

basic features

from the manufacturer

Give your face a natural glow with Avalon Pharma Alpha Plus Cream. This cream is made of non-toxic materials that are safe to use on your skin. Avalon Pharma Plus Cream has a lightweight formula that helps unclog pores and treats your skin from within. The creamy texture allows you to distribute it evenly with ease. Avalon cream is specially formulated to reduce all dark spots and blemishes helping you achieve a flawless and perfect complexion. This cream gives you a natural glow that makes your skin look healthy

Skin friendly formula

Avalon cream is made of high quality materials that are non-toxic and safe for your skin. The lightweight shape of this cream allows it to seep into your pores deeply and treat from within. The non-toxic ingredients make it suitable for all skin types.

natural radiance

Avalon Pharma's unique formula conceals all your imperfections to reveal a brighter skin tone. Moisturizing agents keep your skin soft and hydrated to restore its natural health. This cream makes your skin glowing naturally


Alpha Plus Cream is a natural skin lightening cream that reduces the appearance of dark spots and evens skin tone. It consists of two active ingredients from nature; Alpha Arbutin 1% (bearberry) and glabridin 0.5% (licorice root)

50 SAR
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