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Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter 5 Brushes Set

35 SAR


The Real Techniques eye brush set contains five different brushes. This eye makeup brush set allows you to easily create a wide variety of eye looks at home. Give your face's sexiest, most vibrant feature a bold, mysterious and vibrant look with Real Techniques Your Eyes Enhanced Starter 5 brushes. All five brushes are different in shape and allow you to contour, define your eyes, blend colors with perfection, and amazing error-proof agility. The brushes are made of high quality synthetic materials that make them extremely soft with amazing application performance. You can comfortably carry and store these long lasting brushes inside the included panoramic case.

Create a variety of shapes

Real Techniques eye brush set is every makeup lover's dream come true. Includes five brushes intended for a different application on your eyes. It has a luxurious crease brush with a large soft tip that allows you to effortlessly shape the corners and lids of your eyes. A basic shadow brush lets you highlight your eyes and face. With the highlighter brush, you can add fine details, spotlights, and smudges. To aid you in the precise application of cream or liquid eyeliner, the set includes a precision liner brush. Finally, there is an eyebrow brush that allows you to shape and define your beautiful eyebrows.

Impeccable results

Samantha Chapman's The Real Techniques Makeup Kit features five brushes with ultra-fine, synthetic bristles. It provides smooth color blendability and definition with a flawless finish. These do not leave any buildup of applied makeup, giving you a fresh and perfect finish. They are long lasting and easy to clean. This eye makeup brush set comes in a modern and convenient panoramic case. It has a dual stand and holder that allows you to keep brushes in an organized manner. After washing the brush with water, you can use it to hang it upside down for quick drying.

35 SAR
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